🖖 Hi, I am Fernando

💻 I am a software developer from Spain,
👷 I work at SeQura
🧠 I share what I learn at dev.to/oinak,
🎟 I helped organize Conferencia Rails,
🌍 I maintain rubyonrails.org.es.

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I have worked with many tecnologies and tools, here are the ones I find myself more confortable with:

Web technologies: Ruby on Rails HTML5 CSS3 Javascript
Server technologies: ruby and ocassionally python
Source control: Git Github Gitlab
Databases: MariaDB MySQL PostgreSQL
Unix ecosystem: Vim Neovim Bash GNU/Linux Debian Docker

And here are some I would like to do more stuff with:
Elixir Kubernetes Deno Cofeescript


After over 20 years working on software development, I have worn many hats, and hold many roles, among them:

  • Software development and maintenance translating complex business domains to code
  • System design, architecture planning and documentation
  • Hiring management, interviewing, technical assessment
  • Mentoring, 1:1's, career paths, learning plans
  • Pairing, hands-on coaching
  • Product scope slicing, iterations and technical tradeoffs
  • Close collaboration with Design, Frontend, Services, Analytics or SRE specialists

If you want to see it in detail, check my resume (or cv in spanish)


I love reading and watching fantasy and science-ficcion, you can find a sample of my reading on my github profile.

I love to practice sports, I played roller hockey for many years. I have practiced several martial arts including Kickboxing, Soo Bahk Do - Moo Duk Kwan, and Ving Tsun. Currently I am training in Sabre fencing.

Tools & Trivia

Keyboard: Nuphy Air 75 (but I would have bought the Air 60 had it been available then) with brown switches, and shine-throught black keycaps
Mouse: Logitech MX Ergo Advanced Wireless Trackball
Computer: Slimbook PRO X 14 - AMD Ryzen 7 5700U, 32GB RAM, 250GB SSD
Ride: Orbea Gain Urban F30 2019 (e-bike)
Headphones: Valco VMK 25